The Emerald Gems Story

The question is not “If I stop to help this man, what will happen to me?” But, “If I don’t stop to help this man, what will happen to him?” -­ Martin Luther King Jr.

It was during Milt Newton’s teenage years that he was exposed to two people, his mom and dad Carmen and Kent Amos, who personified this mindset. His mom and dad instilled in him the  responsibility  of  being  a  positive  contributing  member  to  society  and have been very instrumental in his development as a person who believes in giving to help others achieve. Because of his experiences as an adolescent, this mindset too has been ingrained in his being.

Recently, Bill No. 30-­0415 unanimously passed on the senate floor of the U.S. Virgin Islands.   This bill bestowed the honor on Milt of having the  recreation park and basketball court in Estate Bordeaux, which is located on the west end of St. Thomas, named after him. Milt grew up in Estate Bordeaux prior to moving to the U.S. at the age of 14. It was on this playground that his initial hunger to play and learn the sport of basketball was born. The sport of basketball has exposed him to many different  people  and  opportunities.    Because  of  the  opportunities  basketball has presented, he has traveled the world over.

While  it  has  always  been  Milt’s  intent  to  give  back,  the  honor  he  received has accelerated the timetable to establish an annual basketball program of coaching seminars and youth camps and clinics. The goal of these  programs  is  to  educate  the  coaches  and  youths  of  the  Virgin  Islands, and develop their talents. Through the partnership of his wife and co-­founder of Emerald Gems, Shalaun Newton, the ultimate vision is to start with basketball camps and gradually grow the foundation to include other charitable programs and contributions.

Emerald Gems is the name that was chosen for the foundation due to its significance.   The US Virgin Islands are said to be the “Emeralds of  the Sea” and Gems represents how Milt views the youths.


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