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UNC Head Coach Roy Williams
What Milt and Shalaun will accomplish through the work of Emerald Gems Foundation‎ truly represents what they are about and the mark they want to leave on the lives of youth in the USVI. Milt was the captain and leader of the first Kansas team I coached, and truly embodied all the qualities needed to be a successful leader of people. He showed compassion and concern for his teammates both on and off the court, so I am not surprised that he continues to exhibit this kind of concern for others through the work of the Emerald Gems Foundation. Milt will never forget his homeland, and it doesn’t surprise me one bit that he is looking to give back to the USVI in this way. He was blessed as a youth with some great mentors who helped him and he wants to do the same.  The Emerald Gems Foundation, through the leadership of Milt and Shalaun, will undoubtedly succeed and provide positive experiences for the youths of the USVI for many years to come.
Roy Williams, Head Coach, UNC Men's Basketball - Hall of Fame Member
John Calipari Kentucky Men's Basketball Coach
My first recruit, Milt Newton, now Minnesota Timberwolves GM, is starting Emerald Gems Foundation, a charitable foundation to build basketball in his native country. You look at what the players you coached are doing to give back and nothing makes you prouder. What Milt is doing is a big deal.

John Calipari, Head Coach, Kentucky Men's Basketball - Hall of Fame Elect
Milt and Shalaun are two of the finest people I know. They are people of character and understand the importance of selfless service. Their work through the Emerald Gems Foundation benefitting youth in the U.S. Virgin Islands, Milt’s homeland, is remarkable and inspirational.

I congratulate them and wish them the very best with this new endeavor.

Jim TooleyJim Tooley , Executive Director/CEO of USA Basketball
What Milt is doing through Emerald Gems Foundation further defines who he is as a person. He is a true role model. I am privileged to know him.

Milt Newton has taken an incredible journey from St. Thomas of the Virgin Islands to become an outstanding basketball player and scholar at the University of Kansas which prepared him to become a highly respected executive in the NBA.

Through the Emerald Gems Foundation he has dedicated his life to giving back to his roots. Through his foundation he has and will continue to inspire others to follow his path. Emerald Gems Foundation will affect social change through sports that will make the world a better place.

Hall of Fame Member Wayne EmbryWayne Embry, Former NBA Player, Front Office Executive - Hall of Fame Member
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