The US Virgin Islands are said to be the “Emeralds of the Sea”

Our mission is to enhance the lives of the youths of the U.S. Virgin  Islands  by  providing  positive  experiences  and  learning  opportunities utilizing basketball as a means.

The U.S. Virgin Islands (also known as USVI) are an assembly of Islands in the Caribbean, roughly 40 miles east of Puerto Rico. The USVI consist of four main islands, Saint Thomas (Milt Newton’s birthplace), Saint John, Saint Croix and Water Island. There are also several smaller islands. The territory’s capital is Charlotte Amalie on the island of Saint Thomas.

The USVI are known as the “Emeralds of the Sea”, hence the title for the Emerald Gems Foundation.

The Islands are known for its beautiful white-sand beaches, exotic fruits and tropical weather. The area has been a favorite spot for vacations as tourism has been the primary economic activity.

The United States took possession of the islands on March 31, 1917 and U.S. citizenship was granted to residents of the islands in 1927.

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