The US Virgin Islands, as well as other areas in the Caribbean, have recently been hit hard by Hurricane Irma. The destruction and devastation left in Irma’s wake has taken a tremendous toll on many people. While some were blessed to have their homes and personal property spared, a majority of them suffered crippling losses from the hurricane.

Local businesses, infrastructure and many homes on the islands have received massive damage, and the way of life, as many know it will be changed forever. While the cost to rebuild has not been fully assessed, estimates are in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

Our friends and loved ones describe St. Thomas, once lush and beautiful, as having the appearance of a Third World country. While that may be true, the hearts of our people despite their dire situation, continue to be one of beauty and of strong resilience and courage.

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Milt and Shalaun Newton
Emerald Gems Foundation, Inc.