For the second year, Emerald Gems will donate turkeys for Christmas in the U.S. Virgin Islands

ST. THOMAS, ST. CROIX, and ST. JOHN U.S.V.I. (Dec. 18, 2021) – Emerald Gems  Foundation, Inc., founders Milt and Shalaun Newton will donate 425 turkeys to be  distributed in the U.S. Virgin Islands (Details below). Milt is the Assistant General Manager of the  NBA 2021 Champions, Milwaukee Bucks, and a native of St. Thomas. 

“Shalaun and I are grateful to have the opportunity to serve, especially during these difficult  times of health concerns and financial distress. We hope to continue hosting the Christmas  Turkey Giveaway every year,” said Newton. 

Individual supporters, companies and non-profit organizations in the territory are assisting  Emerald  Gems  with  the  coordination  of  their  2nd Annual  Christmas  Turkey  Giveaway,  including  the Office  of  Senator  Kurt  Vialet  for  St.  Croix. The Market  St.  Thomas  and  A&R  Transportation partners with Emerald Gems  to provide in-kind services in support of  this  effort. Logistical assistance is being provided by Delvin Duggins, the Office of Senator  

Kurt  A.  Vialet, Athneil  “Bobby”  Thomas,  Jerain  Fleming,  Ivan  Williams,  and Kandice  Benjamin. 

“As always, we greatly appreciate our volunteers and supporters who help us continue to  serve the youth of the U.S. Virgin Islands, and the community as a whole. Only with the hard  work and generous acts of others are we able to fulfill our mission,” Newton said. 

Last December, Emerald Gems Foundation, Inc. partnered with the Office of former Senator  Athneil “Bobby” Thomas to assist with the coordination of their first Christmas Turkey  Giveaway in St. Thomas and St. John, which was well received. Several non-profit  organizations helped them identify individuals and families who needed a blessing during  that time. With the help of their volunteers, they handed out 400 turkeys to those who were  given a ticket to receive a free turkey, and to charities that serve meals to the community. 

“The Office of Senator Vialet is excited and grateful to join Emerald Gems Foundation, Inc. in  spreading holiday wishes to the people of St. Croix. Hats off to the Foundation for their 2nd  Annual Christmas Turkey Giveaway. Happy Holidays!” 

The cornerstone of Emerald Gems is the Free Annual U.S.V.I. Youth Basketball Camps that  are typically held in August. Due to the pandemic, there were many challenges to overcome  this year. But, Newton says, “We stayed the course and were able to successfully conduct  our Basketball Camps this past September. Nearly 80 campers from ages 8-17  attended. The Camp was three days instead of four, due to the timing. We had two age  group sessions, each a day and a half. 14-17 age group, had a waiting list. The campers also  received basketball shoes, jerseys, shorts, socks, basketballs, and Bucks duffle bags and  championship t-shirts.”

Emerald Gems Christmas Turkey Giveaway 

“Our first priority was to host the Camp in the safest environment as possible, “ he  added. “Therefore, we established COVID-19 Safety Protocols and were approved by the  U.S.V.I. Department of Health to conduct the Camp.” 


For St. Thomas and St. John, individuals or families must have a ticket to receive a  turkey. Only one turkey per individual or family. Various non-profit organizations on those  islands will distribute the tickets through their community outreach programs. For St.  Croix, there is no pick-up location.  All turkeys will be delivered by the Office of Senator Kurt  A. Vialet to individuals/families through the participating non-profit organizations. For the list, please visit our site: www.emeraldgemsfoundation.com. 

In addition to a turkey, they will receive Emerald Gems promotional items and a note from  the founders Milt and Shalaun Newton. 


Cruz Bay, St. John (75 Turkeys): 
Date: Tuesday, December 21, 2021 
Time: 4-6pm AST 
Location:  Bureau Motor Vehicles Parking Lot 

St. Thomas (200 Turkeys): 
Date: Wednesday, December 22, 2021 
Time: 6-8pm AST 
Location:  Emancipation Garden Parking Lot 

St. Croix (150 Turkeys) 
Date: Wednesday, December 22, 2021 
No pick-up location.  All turkeys will be delivered by the Office of Senator Kurt A. Vialet to  individuals/families through the participating non-profit organizations. 


For questions about the turkey distribution, please contact the following:

  • For St. Thomas and St. John, Delvin Duggins at 340-340-7361.
  • For St. Croix, contact the Office of Senator Kurt A. Vialet at 340-773-2424.
  • For general questions, please contact Emerald Gems Foundation, Inc. Co-Founder Shalaun  Newton at 908-500-2991 or emeraldgemsfoundation@gmail.com.



Family Resource Center Inc. St. Thomas
Bouganvillia Gardens St. Croix
Catholic Charities Virgin Islands
St. Croix, St. John and St. Thomas
Collective Collaboration St. Croix
D. Hamilton Jackson Housing Community St. Croix
Danish Gardens St. Croix
Family Resource Center, Inc. St. Thomas
Flamboyant St. Croix
Frederick Lutheran Church St. Thomas
Genip Gardens St. Croix
Genesis House St. Croix
Hispanic Community St. Croix
JFK Housing Community St. Croix
Joseph E. James St. Croix
Light House Mission St. Croix
Memorial Moravian Church St. Thomas
Mission Outreach St. Croix
My Brother’s Table St. Croix
My Brother’s Workshop St. Thomas
Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church St. John
Project Promise St. Croix
USVI American Red Cross St. Thomas
Villa Morales St. Croix
Whim Gardens St. Croix


About Emerald Gems Foundation, Inc. 

Emerald  Gems  Foundation,  Inc.  is  a  501c3  non-profit,  founded  in 2015  by  St. Thomas,  U.S.V.I. native Milt Newton, and his wife Shalaun. Since its inception,  the organization has  served  nearly  1,000  U.S.  Virgin  Islanders  through  our  Annual  Youth  Basketball  Camps,  Education and Basketball Enrichment Program, Coaching Seminars, and Annual Christmas  Turkey Giveaway. 

Our  mission  is  to  enhance  the  lives  of  the  youth  in  the  U.S.  Virgin  Islands  by  providing  positive experiences and life-long learning opportunities utilizing basketball as a means.  

Emerald Gems is always looking for ways to serve the youth of the U.S. Virgin Islands. This  includes  plans  to  revitalize  the  Milton  M.  Newton  Recreational  Park.  Expanding  our  Education & Basketball Enrichment Program by offering the first NBA Math Hoops Program  (www.nbamathhoops.org), and  the  second  trip  for a  selected group  of U.S.V.I.  high  school  student athletes to the States to learn about running a NBA franchise. 

For more information, please contact us today.