Education & Basketball Enrichment Program

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We hope to offer this program again in the near future. 2016 Emerald Gems Foundation, Inc. Emerald Gems Foundation, Inc. Education & Basketball Enrichment Program - Minnesota Twin Cities Area Trip Recap Emerald Gems held a promotion offering high school students in their junior year who play basketball the opportunity to participate in a week long [...]


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There’s a meticulousness to everything Milt Newton does, from the way he dresses to the way he keeps his office.Photo Credit: KYNDELL HARKNESS • KYNDELL.HARKNESS@STARTRIBUNE.COM CREDIT: Jim Souhan, Star Tribune He had no shoes to fill, no footsteps to follow. Maybe that’s why owning his own Pro-Keds became so important, why as an [...]

Emerald Gems Foundation: Mission

To enhance the lives of the youths of the U.S. Virgin Islands by providing positive experiences and learning opportunities utilizing basketball as a means.


100% of all donations received by Emerald Gems Foundation, Inc. will go directly to Community Foundation of the Virgin Islands.

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